"Interludes" Art in the Park 2019 Biennial

Elm Park, Worcester, Massachusetts

June 8 - September 8, 2019

“Interludes” Art in the Park’s 2019 biennial exhibition encourages visitors to pause, smile, reflect, and engage. The selections span diverse approaches, materials, and content. In the words of selection panelist Ling-Wen Tsai, “the works bring joy and lightness, while others invite us to reflect on our relationship with the natural and built environment.”


This year eighth show in historic Elm Park, ultimately, “asks the public to think differently about their surroundings, about art in a historic natural and cultural landscape, and to connect this experience to life, art, history, and to experience in the great city of Worcester, MA.” Karen Driscoll 2019 Selection Panelist 



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Be sure to check out the article, Art in the Park:

A Testimony to the impact of public art in Worcester, written by Project Director Gloria D. Hall in Gateway Magazine to learn more of the back story and history.

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June 8th - September 8th

Anne Alexander

Julia Buntaine Hoel

Tracey Cockrell &

M. C. Boyes

Jose Criollo Guncay

Jim DiSilvestro

Chloe DuBois

Anne Eder

Kathryn Egnaczak

Joe Fix

Vicente Garcia

Susan Geissler

Harold Grinspoon

Emma Hendry

James Kitchen

Stephen Klema

Rob Lorenson

Matthias Neumann

Mike Quinlivan

Marco Rodrigues

Jennifer Rubin Carey

Antoinette Prien Schultze

Brendan Stecchini

Michael Yefko