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Joy, Community,

JUNE 10–OCTOBER 6, 2023

2:00–6:00 PM

A tall sculpture with feather like panels that look like stained glass protruding from a center steel support.

The Feather

Kirk Seese

(Lutherville, MD)

Steel, MDO, UV links, acrylic sealer
10′ × 2′ × 2′


David Skora

(New Hartford, CT)

Welded polychromed fabricated steel
114″ × 30″ × 24″

three steel, rectangular rods bent and leaning against one another, painted yellow, with two red spheres, one as a foot and the other balanced between the rods
A whimsical and complex arrangment of ladder like shapes, red spheres, and swooping yellow connector rods

Whirlwind 1, 2, 3

David Skora

(New Hartford, CT)

Fabricated and polychromed welded steel
7′ × 48″ × 36″


Kirk Seese

(Lutherville, MD)

Welded 2″ tubular steel, MDO board,
UV links, acrylic sealer
8′ × 3′ × 1′

A multi-panel, geometric object with triangular sides suspended in the center of an octagonal frame
People standing on a donut shaped platfrom which has megaphones sticking out of it on posts at various angles to shout truths

LIBERTY TREE – Calls for Truth
and Justice

Brendan Stecchini

(Belchertown, MA)

92 wood decking planks, steel posts, megaphones, printed banners

Chirp, Chirp!

Chandler Magnet Elementary School,
6th Grade

Ann Villareal & Rachel Gately, Teachers
Donna E. Rudek, M.Ed., Artist

elementary students painting a bird-like wooden shape for their sculpture project
A tall, pod-shaped sculpture made of bronze mesh shimmering in the sunlight of the late afternoon

Truro iii

John Cira

(Falmouth, MA)

Wooden frame, bronze mesh
Height: 10′


Carlos Davila

(Bridgeport, CT)

Marine teak composite, stainless
steel, marine paint
163″ × 26″ × 26″

A tall, narrow, red, metal and wood sculpture in a gallery
A tall, narrow, red, metal and wood sculpture in an outdoor urban park

Sine Wave

Carlos Davila

(Bridgeport, CT)

Marine teak composite, stainless
steel, marine paint
163″ × 26″ × 26″

Love is Love is Love

Worcester Arts Magnet
School, 6th Grade

Alana Janeau, Teacher
Danielle Ray, Artist
Mixed media

an elementary student cutting chicken wire with metal sheers, preparing the sculpture, a teacher assists at right
a group of identical red mannequins clinging to black inner tubes floating in water

SOS Swimmers

A+J Art + Design

(Somerville, MA)

Polyurethane foam, paint, anchoring system 60′ × 60′ × 3′

Begin Again

Helen Duncan

(Haverhill, MA)

Porcelain, wire
15′ × 5′ × 1′–3′

(Only on view June 10)

delicate looking plastic flower shapes on thin metal rods shot from below to capture translucent quality, looks somewhat like queen anne's lace flowers
a sculpture stretched between two trees of woven rope and colorful fabrics and plastics


Kimberly Harding

(Portland, ME)

Laurie Bogdan

(Arlington, MA)

Rope, fused plastic, Tyvek, paint
4.5′ x 18′ x 6″

Mary’s Machine

James DiSilvestro

(Athol, MA)

Cast iron sewing machine,
shaped steel, paint
55″ × 42″ × 50″

a sculpture of sheet metal made to look like fabric on a sewing machine being sewn into a garment
a small figure holding out a heart atop a tall, red pedastal

Follow Your Heart

Mark Wholey

(Warren, RI)

Painted polystyrene, fiberglass coated
plywood, aluminum
78″ × 28″ × 11″

Nobody’s Watching

Chris Plaisted

(New Milford, CT)

Steel, paint
72″ × 37″ × 36″

A steel sculpture made of rectagular rods that looks like a dancing form
A large butterfly shape comprised of flip-flop shapes outlined in different colors

Flip Flops

Jacob Hiatt
Elementary School

Kathleen Egnaczak, Teacher
Rebecca McGee Tuck, Artist


Madeleine Lord

(Portland, ME)

Welded steel scraps
74″ × 30″ × 24″

A somewhat human form made of various types of painted and unpainted metal
A sculpture made of various pieces of scrap metal that looks like a human holding a staff

Go Green

Madeleine Lord

(Portland, ME)

Welded steel scraps
75″ × 26″ × 25″


John Weidman

(Brookline, NH)

Painted welded steel
6′ × 3′

A steel sculpture on a metal base of two large rectangular forms
A sculpture made of a carved piece of cedar nestled in a small tree


Anne Alexander

(Windham, ME)

30″ × 96″ × 6″

Form #3

Vicente Garcia

(Simsbury, CT)

Recycled steel & rebar
6′10″ × 5′10″ × 3′4″

A large steel sculpture made of rusted steel with a sphere at the center of two circles set at right angles
Cord or rope woven through the spokes of a recycled hubcap

Woven Hubcaps

Norrback Elementary School

Keri Anderson, Teacher
Christopher King, Artist

Found objects & woven rope


Vicente Garcia

(Simsbury, CT)

Self-rusting steel plate, rebar
77″ × 77″ × 20″

A large sculpture, 77 inches tall,  made of rusted steel that is a wheel with spokes
A sculpture made of many pieces of painted wood affixed to a jagged tree stump made to look like a fungus

Infinite Delicacy

Lee Williams

(Shaftsbury, VT)

Wood, pigment
10′ × 30′ × 60′

CARE & Carry:

Kate Egnaczak

(North Grafton, MA)

Recycled park trash, metal, and plant material, paint, vinyl graphics

An artist with protective clothing opens a crucible in which there are found objects being melted
A sculpture of a stag made of various pieces of metal, shown closeup to the head.


Jose Criollo

(Worcester, MA)

Recycled tools, chains,
and metal machines
6′ × 6′ × 2.5′

Flowers with Birds

Sally Myers

(Winchester, VA)

Folded and hammered 20-gauge steel,
steel pipe, nuts, bolts, powder coating
9.5′ × 6′ × 6′

A group of colorful flower shapes made of metal affixed to tall steel rods made to look like stems.
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