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Bridge at Elm Park, Worcester, Massachusetts

About Art in the Park, Worcester

Public art has the power to energize our public spaces, arouse our thinking, and transform the places where we live, work, study, and play into welcoming spaces that invite pause and interaction. 

Since 2008 a dedicated volunteer committee of cultural arts presenters, sculptors and community supporters have presented this juried exhibition. The exhibit was one of six projects to receive the Gold Star Award in 2009 – a statewide award given by the Massachusetts Cultural Council to recognize exemplary cultural programs funded by a local cultural council and in 2017 received Gateway Cities’ Innovation award. The exhibit continues in Elm Park; a National Registry public park with both Olmsted designed and inspired elements. Art in the Park, Worcester in partnership with the Arts and Business Council of Boston and the City of Worcester’s Parks Department will present “Exhaale”, Art in the Park, Worcester 2021

With the support of City of Worcester’s Parks Department, local foundations, and individuals Art in the Park, Worcester has offered thousands exposure to and experiences with public art. Through our community collaboration program, Art in the Park in the Communitywe connect individuals at public and private organizations with public art. At public and private school students have interacted with public artists and some have created public art for exhibition.  The exhibition has received state-wide recognition from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and Gateway Cities. 

Elm Park

Elm Park, Worcester, Massachusetts was purchased in 1854 using public funds. The park is recognized as one of the first purchases of land for a public park in the U.S. and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The park contains designs by the Olmsted firm dating back to 1909 through the 1940s, during the period of work by John Charles Olmsted, Fredrick Law Olmsted Jr., and other members of the Olmsted Brothers firm.

The Elm Park exhibit space is twenty acres bound by Park Avenue, Highland, Russell and Elm Street. The Park is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as one of the earliest public parks in the United States. Its cultural landscape features include Frederick Olmsted Firm designed and inspired elements; meandering paths; three interconnected Mere Ponds; two arched bridges; a boathouse; and playground. Anna Maria College is a spacious venue known for its natural beauty and the human scale of its architectural landscape located in Paxton, MA.

Art in the Park, Worcester Committee 

Claire Forgues 

Cyrus D. Lipsitt

David Wackell, Collaborative Partner @ Anna Maria College 

Dawn Johnson

Deborah McNamara

Donna Rudek

Joseph Ray 

Lynn Simmons

Nancy McGrath

Phil Marshall

Gloria D. Hall, Project Administrator

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