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Art in the Park Committee

Sponsorship Opportunities & Benefits

"Interludes" Art in the Park, Worcester's Biennial 

Exhibition Date: June 8 - September 8, 2019

Opening: Saturday, June 8, 2019


Media Sponsor - Full page ad (5" x 8" | back inside cover of 3xhibition guide and logo on the event website.

Presenting Sponsor $5,000.00 - Full page ad (10" x 8" | back cover of exhibition guide, an acknowledgment in press releases and other media, logo on event banner, and website.

Community Partner, $2,500.00 (1 opportunity available) Full page ad (10" x 8") inside front cover of the exhibition guide, logo on the event website, and acknowledgment as print and ad sponsor.

Metallurgist $1,500.00 (1 opportunity) - Full page ad (10" x 8") | inside front page of the exhibition guide and audio acknowledgment within audio/visual tour guide.

Stone Carver $1,000.00 (4 opportunities available) - Full page ad (10" x 8") and acknowledgment featuring a Worcester Public School's sculpture in the exhibition guide.

Adopt a Sculpture, $800.00 - (20 opportunities) listing on accessibility signage and in the exhibition guide.

Craftsperson $500.00 (6 opportunities available) listing on accessibility signage and in the exhibition guide.

Friend of Art in the Park $200.00+ - listing in the exhibition guide.

Art in the Park, Fan Club $50.00 - Art in the Park button - available at the opening.

Please make checks payable and mail to: A & B C, Inc/AIP,

Mail to Art in the Park, P.O. Box 20603, Worcester, Massachusetts using the enclosed remittance envelope.

Ads with size commensurate to the sponsorship level should be emailed to in jpg form.

Art in the Park, Worcester - P.O. Box 20603 - Worcester, Massachusetts 01602








Thank you to the many volunteers and donors that have worked to make Art in the Park 2019 a reality!

Presenting Partner $5,000.00

Stoddard Charitable Trust

Fletcher Foundation

Fletcher Foundation in memory of 

Patricia Fletcher

Worcester Arts Councils

Stone Carver $1,000.00


Adopt a Sculpture $800.00+

Nora Keil

Craftsman $500+

Coghlin Electric

Friend of Art in the Park $200+

Mary Fletcher

Reliant Medical Group

Ruth Westheimer

Johnathan Finkelstein

Woodworker $100 +

Allen Fletcher

Allen W. & Yda Filiberti

Belanger Family Fund

Golub Corporation

A special thank you to the Graphics and WebMaster Volunteers: Joseph Ray, Lynn Simmons and Travis Duda

Art in the Park, Fan Club, $50+

Alicia Trainor

Ann Flynn

Barbara C Kohin

Crysanthe Demetry

Ellen Brackett

Glenn & Margaret Wilson Hart

Honee A Hess

Jane Chilton

John & Geraldine Graham

Khoa Kennedy

Mary Anne Grigg

Lynne A. Tolman

In-Kind Contributors

City of Worcester DPW & Parks,

Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Division

Central Mass Crane

Sahara Cafe and Restaurant

Becker College